A New Design: Becket 3.5

The first Octagonal Living Unit 3.5 is being built in Becket, Massachusetts. This design features an addition with a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor as well as one in the loft. It is being built by a young person that will be decamping from Brooklyn to move to the Berkshires.

Adding an In-Law Suite?

Add an accessory dwelling for income or guests at a reasonable cost. Independent multi-generational living close by but separate.

Completion of Winchester OLU 3.2

The first OLU kit house was completed in June 2018 in Winchester, Virginia. The Octagonal Living Unit 3.2 is a slight variation on the 3.1 prototype built in Amherst, Virginia. The first clients for Sculptorhouse saw the OLU prototype in 2016 and immediately decided it would be a perfect Master Bedroom addition to their home. […]

Eight Sides of Efficient

Down in Amherst County, sculptor Craig Pleasants has created his own version of the easy-to-build, inexpensive shelter. He calls it the Octagonal Living Unit.


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