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Suggested Reading

Check out the When To Hire document to help determine whether, and when, you should hire a professional to help plan your project.


How Much Does it Cost to Build a New Home in 2021?My Site Plan
This offers a detailed description of how a traditional new build would differ in expense and process from a Sculptorhouse kit build.

Angie Solution Center
Most of us are familiar with Angie’s List, recently rebranded to Angie. Their Solution Center is jam-packed with articles referencing more than 27 different home project subjects, and offers an entire section devoted to project costs.

Variant Financial
Variant Financial is a wholly owned subsidiary of East Bridge Funding that offers a comparison and recommendation engine to help you find local financial institutions with applicable loan options.


Common Foundation Styles – The Spruce
This article and short video is a perfect introduction to the three most common foundation styles and includes a brief summary of pros and cons for each.

Strong House FoundationsThis Old House
This Old House has been a favorite learning source for DIY homeowners for years. This blog post offers a more in-depth look at building new foundations that will last for years, trending foundation technology that may change the way we build, and a host of other related articles.

DIY Permitting
We recommend starting your research with:

• Your State’s Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) page for statewide code and permit requirements.

• Your County, City, or Town’s Building and Zoning Office. Larger cities and counties may offer code information on their office websites, but smaller towns often still require in-person visits or calls to obtain information.

• Your Homeowners Association. If you’re a member of an HOA community, your project may have additional restrictions or require neighborhood approval in advance.

Remember that architects, site planners, surveyors, project planners, and general contractors are often familiar with finding and reading codes and obtaining any necessary permits.

The Tiny Life
This is a great website, full of articles, advice, and resources for those considering and actively living in tiny houses. If you’re thinking about making a Sculptorhouse kit your new permanent residence, give this a glance!

This is an excellent resource to reference before, during, and after your design plan.

Here are a few of our favorite pages:

• Planning Home Solar Electric Systems

• Microhydropower Systems

• Small Wind Electric Systems

• Geothermal

• Landscaping for Energy Efficient Homes

• Water Heating Systems

• Alternative Water Sources

How to Find Reclaimed Home Building MaterialsElemental Green
We love this article that provides a brief summary of where to find reclaimed materials. From decks to interior design, we love seeing Sculptorhouse builds paired with second-hand design elements!

Native Species LandscapingU.S. Forest Service
The U.S. Forest Service has an incredible series of resources outlining the importance of native species gardening, recognizing and avoiding invasive plant species, and links to Native Plant Societies across the nation.

State-By-State Lists of Native Wildflower Species
The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, a project of the University of Texas at Austin, has been extensively documenting native plant species in North America for 40 years! This site offers state-by-state lists of native plant species for you to consider for your landscaping.

How Downsizing Encourages Environmentally Friendly Behaviors
This doctorate study by Virginia Tech grad Maria Saxton explains just how much of an impact downsizing our homes can have on the environment.

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