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Your home should be beautifully proportioned and visually appealing from the inside and outside.


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Sculptorhouse offers a high-quality, artist-designed home for a price so affordable that many people will be able to buy one without taking out a mortgage. By creating our kit house in the same way a sculptor creates art multiples, we significantly reduce the per-unit cost. The result is a small house of high quality and high visual appeal. Our Octagonal Living Unit is a permanent home, resistant to wind and seismic activity.

Perfect as a small home, an accessory dwelling unit as an in-law pod or for rental, an art studio, or a vacation get-away cabin.

One form. Many functions.

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Our founder has spent thirty-five years as an artist exploring ideas of housing, homelessness, and vernacular architecture. In 1981 he created The Octagonal Living Unit, a hybrid of sculpture and architecture that articulated the values of sustainable housing and the tiny house movement decades before they rose into public consciousness. That house is the basis for our prefab designs. Unlike a tiny house on wheels (THOW) The Octagonal Living Unit kit home is a legal tiny house: it is built on a permanent foundation and meets or exceeds building codes.

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The first Octagonal Living Unit 3.5 is being built in Becket, Massachusetts. This design features an addition with a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor as well as one in the loft. It is being built by a young person that will be decamping from Brooklyn to move to the Berkshires.

Add an accessory dwelling for income or guests at a reasonable cost. Independent multi-generational living close by but separate.

Small and affordable, but also beautiful, permanent, and eco-friendly! There is plenty of interest and excitement around the idea of tiny homes right now as evidenced by multiple television shows, numerousFacebook articles and sites like Tiny House Citizens that recently featured the Octagonal Living Unit. At Sculptorhouse, we think the core issue generating the interest […]

The first OLU kit house was completed in June 2018 in Winchester, Virginia. The Octagonal Living Unit 3.2 is a slight variation on the 3.1 prototype built in Amherst, Virginia. The first clients for Sculptorhouse saw the OLU prototype in 2016 and immediately decided it would be a perfect Master Bedroom addition to their home. […]

Down in Amherst County, sculptor Craig Pleasants has created his own version of the easy-to-build, inexpensive shelter. He calls it the Octagonal Living Unit.

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