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Your home should be beautifully proportioned and visually appealing from the inside and outside.


Energy Efficiency


We offer a high-quality, artist-designed home for a price so affordable that many people will be able to buy one without taking out a mortgage. By creating them in the same way a sculptor creates art multiples, we significantly reduce the per-unit cost. The result is an economical house of high quality and high visual appeal.

One form. Many functions.

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Our Story

Our founder has spent thirty-five years as an artist exploring ideas of housing, homelessness, and vernacular architecture. In 1981 he created The Octagonal Living Unit, a hybrid of sculpture and architecture that articulated the values of sustainable housing and the tiny house movement decades before they rose into public consciousness. That house is the basis for our designs.

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Spacious Living, Small Footprint

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Down in Amherst County, sculptor Craig Pleasants has created his own version of the easy-to-build, inexpensive shelter. He calls it the Octagonal Living Unit.

With a lot of cities looking for solutions to rising housing prices, the idea of making it easier for homeowners to add small second units in their backyards and garages is gaining traction.

“We transform the lack of resources into a principle of incrementality.” Alejandro Arevena, the winner of the 2016 Pritzker Prize articulates one of the ideas that drove the development of the OLU.

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