Who We Are

Our Mission

To re-imagine how we create housing.

Environmentally Friendly

Sculptorhouse is the perfect home for the environmentally conscious. Our kits feature energy efficient heating and cooling, minimal construction waste, a small carbon footprint, and last for hundreds of years.

Beautiful Inside and Out

Designed by an artist and finished by a structural engineer, every Sculptorhouse build is beautifully proportioned, structurally sound, and visually appealing from the inside out – all at an affordable price.


Sculptorhouse Founder Craig Pleasants has spent 35 years as an artist exploring ideas of housing, homelessness, and vernacular architecture. His work has been featured widely in exhibits across the U.S. and Europe since 1980.

In 1981, he created the Octagonal Living Unit, a hybrid of sculpture and architecture that articulated the values of sustainable housing and the tiny house movement decades before they rose into public consciousness. That first house is the inspiration for our prefab designs today.

Craig founded Sculptorhouse in 2011 to explore the intersection of art and architecture as a way of creating dwellings that are beautiful, resilient, and affordable. His artwork Heliotrope is pictured above. To see more of Craig’s work, visit his online portfolio here.

We Believe

Your home should be beautifully proportioned and visually appealing from inside and outside.

Your home should be a place of deep shelter: it should feel both cozy and protective, but also spacious and airy; should be able to withstand very high winds and severe earthquakes; should be rot-proof and vermin-proof.

Your home should create as little damage to the environment as possible: sip energy for its heating and cooling; create a tiny amount of construction waste; last for hundreds of years.

Creating your home should not indenture you to a lending institution for 15 to 30 years.

Spacious living, small footprint

Inhabit a place you can dream in


If you value distinct and open space then the Sculptorhouse OLU is for you. The space is very open and is great for having people visit. The lighting and overall feel is incredible. The panels are AMAZING - fortress and well insulated.


The experience has been great. We truly appreciated having the flexibility to make some customizations during the process. The build process went smooth - super easy because it came as a kit.


Adding an In-Law Suite?

Add an accessory dwelling for income or guests at a reasonable cost. Independent multi-generational living close by but separate.

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Small and affordable, but also beautiful, permanent, and eco-friendly! There is plenty of interest and excitement around the idea of...

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