The Kit

Every Sculptorhouse kit is as unique as its owner, so no budget is the same. For current design, upgrade, and add-on options, visit our Designs page to start your budget estimate.


Shipping costs are not included in the overall price of your kit . Kit panels ship directly from the Thermasteel manufacturer in Radford, Va. at a cost of approximately $3 per mile , depending upon supply chain and driver availability.

Windows, doors, and lumber ship from the nearest distributor to your build location, arriving shortly after the kit panels. These shipping costs will be negligible.


A major advantage of our kit system is the efficiency of assembly. A crew of four installed the ground-level panels for our first clients injust 90 minutes! A two-person crew with little or no experience assembled the entire prototype kit, including windows, doors, loft, roofing, and siding, in just 320 man-hours (20 workdays.)

We’re a big fan of DIY projects, but we acknowledge there are some steps in our building process that can be daunting if you don’t have home construction experience. Below, we’ve included a downloadable guide, highlighting the most common professionals you may consider hiring, and when it is appropriate during the process to budget for them. Our price estimates are based on national average ranges. Labor costs vary widely, depending on the desired service, location of your build, and complexity of your project plans – we highly recommend getting multiple quotes and looking at portfolios before hiring any service.

Environmental Considerations

There are countless options for making your Sculptorhouse kit even better for the environment, regardless of your budget. Check out our Resources page to learn more!

Financial Partners and Payment Plans

Sculptorhouse requires a down payment upon signing the contract for purchase and payment-in-full before shipping. We do not offer payment plans. However, we have partnered with Variant Financial, a wholly owned subsidiary of East Bridge Funding, that offers a comparison and recommendation engine to help you find local financial institutions with applicable loan options. Variant Financial has been in business since 2007 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Permits.com is an independent company that provides services for Sculptorhouse customers to navigate the challenges associated with Sculptorhouse Octagonal Living Units (OLU) permits and research. Our custom Sculptorhouse page allows you to explore codes in your area, pull a permit, and even speak with a professional consultant.

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