The Kit

The house kit consists of the building panels for the walls and the roof, the roof beams, Marvin energy-star low-e windows and doors, the siding material, the roofing material, and the fasteners required to put the house together.

Eco-friendly: High-tech structural/insulated building panels made of steel and expanded polystyrene are the basis of our design. The 5 ½’’ wall panels have an effective R-value of 33. The 7 ½” roof panels have an effective R-value of 49. Because the panels come pre-cut, there is virtually no construction waste.

Affordable: The panels are delivered pre-cut with window and door openings ready to receive the windows and doors, significantly reducing labor costs. The octagonal shape and the energy-efficiency of the house means it is very inexpensive to heat and cool. In Central Virginia where winters can dip below zero, and summer can soar above 100, the energy costs for January through July 2018 were $73. calculated at eleven cents per kilowatt-hour.

Easy to Assemble: The panels weigh about 50 pounds each. They are light enough to be handled by one person and a breeze for two people. The panels are screwed together with self-tapping screws. The construction crew that built our first house put up all the first floor panels in ninety minutes.

Safe: If you have considered a tiny house on wheels but are concerned about high winds or earthquake, our prefab micro house provides a much more secure place to live. The steel structure of our panels is screwed in place, meaning a hurricane-resistant and earthquake-resistant structure.

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What It Includes

  • Pre-cut steel and expanded polystyrene building panels for walls and roof
  • All hardware and fasteners needed to assemble panels
  • Marvin Integrity windows and doors
  • Georgia Pacific Ply-Bead or T-111 siding (unpainted)
  • Traditional 5V galvanized metal roofing
  • Structural components for the loft and roof support
  • AdvanTech subflooring for loft

What It Costs

The current base price for the OLU kit is $35,000, plus shipping. The buyer provides a foundation or cement pad (we supply the specs), as well as the interior finishes, including electric and plumbing. The finished cost will depend upon many factors including cost of living for your region, the expense level of your finishes, and your resourcefulness in both finding supplies and recruiting labor.

The Process

  • Sign contract and pay depositSculptorhouse will at this point initiate the manufacturing process for your kit and will send you an assembly manual and architectural drawings with specifications for constructing the foundation
  • Prepare slab or foundation/subfloorAccording to our specifications
  • Complete payment for kitSculptorhouse will at this point arrange for the delivery of kit materials
  • Build the houseAssemble building panels, construct loft and install roof beams; install roof panels; insert windows and doors
  • Finish UpInstall the siding and the roofing
  • Kit Complete!Finish interior according to your wishes; plumbing, electrical, drywall, cabinetry, appliances.

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