Jan 23, 2018

Pritzker Prize winner articulates our values

Alejandro Arevena, the winner of the 2016 Pritzker Prize articulates one of the ideas that drove the development of the OLU:
“We transform the lack of resources into a principle of incrementality,” Mr. Aravena said. “Let’s do now what is more difficult. Let families take care of the rest through their own means.”

Link to New York Times article here.

I’m interested to know how people feel about this idea. The product we have out there currently is a pre-fab kit that provides everything for an energy-efficient, sturdy and unique structure – building panels, windows and doors, roofing, siding, loft. We are leaving the interior finishes and the exterior painting to the buyer to allow people to add their own personalities and/or make more economical or more luxurious choices. But are people really willing to do this or do they want a complete package?

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